On Premise Call Center Vs Cloud-based Call Center

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When any business decides to address their customer base, the first action of the agenda is to establish a call center, and this decision divides business owners into two alternatives – traditional-on-premise call centers Vs cloud-based call centers.

Cloud vs on-premise for business

In order to decide whether it’s suitable for your business model, first, you need to realize that modern customer experience nowadays focuses on personalization. Customers need personalized, prompt, and easy resolutions to solve their problems and to improve customer loyalty. For your call center to become a desired service-reporting platform in the market, all you need is to ensure that you have the right tools to address a customer’s issues. Also, it’s very important for customers to have multiple ways of reaching their solution providers.

on premise vs cloud Ziwo
Today, we will try to simplify things and discuss everything there is to know more about both cloud-based call center and on-premise call center solutions.

What is On-Premise Call Center?

On-premise call centers are traditional call center setups wherein the companies store all hardware and other physical equipment and servers at the company’s location. In the case of an on-premise deployment, the burden of maintaining the systems relies on the company itself. This might require them to hire a team of specialists also. Setting up an on-premise call center is usually a time-consuming process.


What is Cloud-based Call Center?

A cloud-based call center is the total opposite of an on-premise situation. Here, the organization does not need to invest heavily in the physical infrastructure. This solution requires only internet access with sufficient bandwidth for virtual agents to smoothly manage inbound and outbound calls. Moreover, cloud call center providers build, operate, and maintain standardized telephony platform offerings on their own servers, with customers gaining remote access through the internet on a subscription or as-needed basis.


Comparing On-premise with Cloud-based Call Centers

There are a number of fundamental differences between a traditional on-premise call center and a cloud-based call center.

on premise vs cloud
comparison on premise vs cloud

And the winner is…


Cloud call center wins

When you compare on-premise vs cloud-based call centers, you’ll notice a huge change in strength and capability in the services. The cloud-based call center is a new tech, and it’s an all-inclusive service laced with core functions such as call masking, call data recording, analytics, call whispering, live KPI’s dashboard, emotion tracker, end call survey that helps business owners understand how their clients feel, and many more.


Key Takeaways


Upgrading customer loyalty is much easier with well-maintained call center technology. Years ago, on-premise call centers were the only choice, however, with growing expectations and challenges in the respected field, cloud-based call centers are smart choices to choose. The important part about picking the right call center technology also depends on your needs and objectives.

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No need to worry about the big capital or the investment costs, if you are going for this one! This is because you are only required to take care of your internet connection while the rest is taken care by your cloud-based provider.

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