Published the Sep 6, 2023

Listening to Customers with End-Call Surveys

Listening to Customers with End-Call Surveys refers to the process of collecting customer feedback about a business, its products, & services

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What is an End-Call Survey?


An End-Call Survey is a valuable tool in the realm of customer service, often utilized to gather feedback from customers following a phone call interaction. This survey typically consists of a series of questions designed to assess various aspects of the call, including the quality of service, the resolution process, the agent’s conduct, and the overall customer experience.


It’s important to understand that an after-call survey serves as a preliminary feedback request, offered immediately after the call. It should not be seen as an exact evaluation of your customer service standards; rather, it can be likened to a sneak peek. The full assessment of your customer service quality relies on the data collected from other essential customer service indicators, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, agent engagement metrics, and other relevant data points. These comprehensive measures provide a more holistic view of your overall customer service performance.

How Does It Work?

Before ending the call, the agent asks if the client would like to take part in a survey. If the client agrees, they are guided to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

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Here, they encounter a series of questions and can share their thoughts by pressing the appropriate numbers on their phone keypad. Their responses are then recorded. Moreover, clients may also choose to provide specific comments or extra insights concerning the overall service or the organization.


How can End-Call Surveys help?

End-of-call surveys are effective tools for understanding customer preferences and needs. They help assess agent performance, customer satisfaction, and more. They also demonstrate your commitment to gathering feedback and enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Why do call center leaders find end-call surveys so valuable? Let’s explore the reasons.


  1. Evaluate and Enhance Agent Performance

Getting feedback right after calls offers insights into how agents are doing. If end-call surveys show low customer satisfaction with a particular agent, it’s a signal to investigate further. This could mean providing extra training for the agent or having more experienced agents available during busy periods. Additionally, the survey motivates agents to deliver their best service.


  1. Provides a Method for Customers to Express Their Opinions

Have you ever felt relief after expressing your thoughts? Customers feel the same. Agents understand this well. Consider how customers react when their issues aren’t resolved in the first call. They might end the call in frustration or even express their unhappiness on social media. An end-call survey helps smoothen the customer experience. But it’s not just about emotional relief.

For instance, an upset customer might initially express strong dissatisfaction with the company and its service to an agent. However, as they continue to elaborate, possibly through a survey, they could provide more specific information about their issue. This can offer you valuable insights to enhance your product or service.


  1. Shows Your Customers That You’re Listening

Listening to customer feedback is a great way to enhance their experience. Studies in the hospitality industry have shown that attentive listening can create the perception of excellent service. When you inquire about their experience, customers feel valued and supported. To take it a step further, consider personalization. If you use their name or mention their previous purchases in an after-call survey, customers are more likely to respond positively.


  1. Immediate Feedback is More Accurate

Try recalling an incident right after it happens; you’ll likely remember more details compared to the next day. Similarly, in the realm of customer experience, collecting survey data immediately is significantly more accurate than waiting 24 hours or longer.


  1. Aligns Your CX Strategy

Customer experience encompasses all interactions with customers. The end-call survey is one of these interactions. While it doesn’t single-handedly shape your entire customer experience strategy, it provides valuable insights to complement other data collected through metrics and more.

Immediate customer feedback, KPIs, and the Right Cloud Contact Center Solution can transform your strategy to accommodate customer needs.


ZIWO’s End Call Surveys help you in a number of ways:

Enhance Service Quality

By gathering customer feedback, you gain insights into their perceptions of your service and identify areas for improvement. Surveys reveal client dislikes, allowing you to make necessary corrections. They also encourage agent accountability.

Tailored Surveys

ZIWO offers customizable survey options. You can opt for immediate post-call surveys or schedule them for an hour later. Collect feedback conveniently with the suitable language.

Flexible Feedback

ZIWO offers diverse survey triggers, allowing customers to share feedback at their convenience. Schedule surveys across multiple channels for comprehensive insights.

Streamlined Analysis

With End Call Surveys in ZIWO, access and analyze data on your dashboard. Review responses, call history, response rates, and agent ratings. Boost your team’s approach, enhance service, and elevate your brand image.


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