Why Cold Calling Is Important For Sales Success

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Cold calling is one of the most important parts of the sales process. If the method was right, it can shorten your sales cycle, help you identify more opportunities, and effectively increase revenue. If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, you know that with new technology, the best practices have changed quickly and dramatically.

cold calling - sales success

We are ready to help you understand the art of calling. We’ll help you get started with the latest tools and knowledge, including scripts, cold calling templates, and data-backed tips.

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is the act of calling a person who has not previously been associated with your business with the goal of turning the conversation into the next step, such as a meeting with an account manager or a direct sale.

what is cold calling

If your call center agents are feeling a little insecure when starting a cold calling job, then they are not alone and should not be judged too harshly for this. 63% of sales reps say the thing they hate most about their job is having to make outbound calls. But this does not prevent this area from developing. Having an excellent marketing strategy, a system of training and internships for operators, as well as an advanced software solution for calling customers, cold sales only accumulate efficiency.

Obviously, your operators will have to work hard to convince potential customers to trust you and succeed. It sounds complicated, but with the right technique, salespeople can become master cold-callers. 

Successful cold calling also requires two things: consistency and persistence. According to reports, the average successful outbound calling sequence lasts 20 days and includes four calls to the same person.

Elements of Successful Cold Calling

element of successful calling - handling Objections

Probably all outbound call centers have a number of unsuccessful cold calls. Potential customers hung up, interrupted the operators, and showed their annoyance and frustration, which they brought with this call. If this has happened to you or members of your team, most likely you have thought that outbound calls simply do not work. This is not true, and here’s why: about 69% of consumers accept cold calls, and about 82% of them will agree to meet with you after a cold call. 

Cold calling requires patience, skills, and a lot of practice, but it certainly translates into sales for companies in any industry If you have:

Fail-Safe Scenario: Suitable Call Script.

Deep understanding of your target audience.

Knowledge of expected objections and how to overcome them.

The ability to speak sincerely, without deviating from the topic.

Cold Calling Software to Connect with Leads.

You can use this method to further deepen your business’s knowledge of target customers. Importantly, using a cold calling automation service or software will help your agents make cold calls without any downtime, turning conversations into sales.

Why do You Need a Calling Script?

Today, many sales professionals do not like to use cold calling scripts. It can be argued that cold calling scripts make the task of selling difficult, robotic, and, in other words, terribly boring. Therefore, many operators prefer to have some flexibility when communicating with a potential client. However, cold-calling scripts can really help a lot, especially if you have a niche product or service.

Cold Calling Script

Many cold-calling scripts are designed to help your sales team be more uniform and efficient, without losing your human touch, and using cold calling scripts provides your business with multiple advantages including:

♠You will be able to structure your methodology and clarify the sales process. Scripting will also help you refine your thought process.

♠Sales professionals will better understand the product you are selling and fine-tune your unique value proposition.

♠Cold calling script will help your sales representatives become better listeners. Because they have a pre-written document in front of them, they don’t waste their brainpower trying to figure out what to say next. This allows your sales team to listen better and sell better.

♠Using a cold calling script also helps you train your new employees. It allows you to develop a streamlined process for evaluating training and sales results.

Handling Objections

Objections are one of the most difficult parts of the sales process, but they can be overcome. The key is to have best-in-class answers to frequently asked questions and common objections to cold calling. Usually, during a call, customers ask a few questions.

handling Objections

calling. Usually, during a call, customers ask a few questions.

Prospects also tend to raise objections about budget, pricing, and competitors at least once initially. While this may sound complicated, it’s generally a good sign that your prospect is aware of the current market, and knowledgeable customers are more likely to close. 


Below are the most 3 common objections and some tips for dealing with them in the sales process:



Do not forget that you contacted a potential client for a reason. So the game is not over yet.

You can counter this objection in two ways:

Ask them for 10 seconds of their time – this often causes them to pause as this is not an unreasonable request and gives you time to slowly and carefully state your proposal before asking them to respond. Also, you can ask them a direct question related directly to what your product does.


When the price is a barrier, overcoming an objection can be difficult. However, here you need to sell the value of your offer. Tell a story that inspires empathy. Prepare in advance, but rather practice and tell a few people.


This is usually a pretty good sign as it shows that they are interested in what you have to say. Here you need to be well prepared and make an interesting, short and useful presentation.

In addition to the skills your operators already have, coaching and practice will also help teach your specialists how to sell on the phone and deal with rejections calmly.

Contact Center Software With Cold Calling Feature

Cold calling is one of the most important tools to attract potential buyers and new customers. That’s why in ZIWO we have developed the Z-Dial feature for cold calling, and it’s embodied within our Cloud Contact Software. The Z-Dial feature from ZIWO is equipped with an impressive number of functions and settings that will ensure smooth communication with the client during cold calls.

Use our intelligent auto-dialer to make your cold calling strategy MORE EFFECTIVE!

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